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Re-energising Spa Piestany Tour


Tradition, style & a gorgeous spa

 Enjoy a wellness holiday where your only worry will be to turn up for your spa pampering on time!

3, 4 and 5 star hotels are available in the picturesque spa resort of Piestany, Slovakia only minutes’ walk from pedestrian part of the city full of amazing shops, cafes and markets.

Thermia Palace
The beautiful Art-Nouveau Thermia Palace; the first 5 star spa & wellness hotel in Piestany, Slovakia, opened its elegant doors in 1912 and soon became one of the best health spas in Europe, if not the world. Nestling in the gorgeous green environment of Spa Island, Thermia Palace has been sensitively restored to its former glory with a richly-decorated interior, beautiful stained glass staircase and the Grand Restaurant with an invaluable painting by Alphonse Mucha. The luxurious spa offers more than 60 treatments using its on-site thermal water, unique mud pool and the special medical wellness programmes ensure guests feel like new. The Colonnade Bridge, near this quality spa resort, links Spa Island to the town of Piešt’any,  Enjoy golf, tennis, jogging ,cycling paths, music, shopping, concerts etc.. An island of health, fitness, fine food and luxury - who could ask for more?

4 star Balnea Esplanade
The Health Spa Resort Esplanade is a four-star wellness hotel in Piestany, Slovakia. This modern complex was built in 1980 and has been extensively renovated over the last years. Located in the lush park area at the heart of Spa Island,  hotel is ideal for offers a range of unique therapeutic and relaxation treatments. During your stay you will enjoy 3 meals daily,  health check and individually prescribed 4 spa treatments daily, each lasting 20 minutes.

SEVEN NIGHTS From $1,400 Per Person  Twin share
(For detailed cost and transfers for individual stays please contact Eva 02 9327 4757

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About the Spa Resort in Piešťany


Unlike most jam-packed itineraries which leave you feeling like you need a holiday once you return home, Eva's European Spa tours end with a restorative break in Piešťany, a picturesque heath resort town in Slovakia.

Surrounded by mountains and hugging the river Váh, Piešťany is not only beautiful - it is famous for its healing thermal springs and world-class spas.

In fact, Lonely Planet recently named Piešťany as one of the top 20 spa destinations in Europe.

As the fitting finale to your European adventure, this is a break to relax, restore and re-energise. You unpack once and the package includes everything - all accommodation, three daily meals and four daily (except on Sunday) spa treatments.

You will stay at Piešťany's top thermal resorts like the Balnea Esplanade and Thermia Palace, set amid the charming tree-lined, sculpture-filled gardens and promenades of Spa Island.

With state-of-the-art spa facilities including indoor and outdoor thermal pools, both resorts are recognised by the European Spas Association (ESPA) and offer all manner of pampering and balneology wellness therapies.

Treatments usually finish in the early afternoon, allowing plenty of free time to explore Piešťany and the surrounding region.

The resorts are within walking distance to everything and thanks to constant stream of re-energised and refreshed visitors, the town has a vibrant atmosphere with plenty to see and do.

There are restaurants and theatres to visit, coffee and cakes to enjoy, boutiques to shop at and regular outdoor concerts to attend, thanks to a tradition started by Beethoven, one of Piešťany’s famous visitors.

The more active can play a round of golf at Piešťany’s nine-hole course, rent bikes and explore the town or even further as  the majestic cities of Vienna and Budapest are less than three hours away by car.

And for those who want to explore even further, the majestic cities of Vienna and Budapest are less than three hours away by car.

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Balneology in Piešťany - the magical health benefits

Whether you want to soothe aching muscles in your back, lose a few kilos or banish some wrinkles, going to the spa in Piešťany can help.

Much like the famous European spa towns of Baden-Baden, Vichy and Karlovy Vary, Piešťany is famous for its thermal springs and balneology - a European spa therapy using water and mud as an elixir for youth and wellness.

A soothing soak in Piešťany’s springs will make your skin glow, but that’s not the only benefit of the magical water.

Rich with minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur and hydrogen sulphide, bathing in the water for its curative properties is a centuries-old tradition.

Kings, emperors, maharajahs and sheikhs have all soaked in Piešťany’s springs, which are well-known for their miraculous healing effects on rheumatism, arthritis and respiratory diseases.

Ludwig van Beethoven took a dip regularly as did Napoleon, who is said to have ridden his horse into one of the pools.

Today, the town's world-class thermal spas attract 50,000 people each year including the who’s who of Europe - from presidents and prime ministers to supermodels like Claudia Schiffer and F1 drivers like David Coulthard.

Staying at a Piešťany spa resort is unlike anything you can experience in Australia.

All spas offer top-of-the-range anti-ageing and beauty treatments, but balneology is considered a medicinal treatment, and therapies are prescribed by physician.

Treatments begin with a doctors appointment, and your daily "prescription" might include a dip in a thermal pool or bath followed by a deep-tissue massage and a soothing herbal compress.

The next day you might try another thermal soak followed by some high-tech restorative treatments like electrotherapy or perhaps even a bath or a mudpack using Piešťany's pure, sulfurous mud - another natural remedy for rheumatic and other disorders.

Going to the spa in Piešťany is not only good for wellbeing — it can also help you kick some of those extra kilos according to CNN.

The international news organisation named Piešťany as one of the world’s “9 best weight loss vacations”

The story highlighted the slimming program at Thermia Palace, which is particularly good for anyone wanting to losing weight without damaging joints.

It includes a wide range of treatments and examinations from metabolic functioning, nutrition and fitness to hydromassages and medical massages to increase blood circulation.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you think you're perfectly healthy, a spa break in Piešťany will leave you feeling invigorated - soothing aching joints and tired muscles you never knew you had, rebooting a sluggish metabolism caused by a lack of exercise and even fixing those modern day afflictions we suffer with like ‘computer neck’ or 'handbag shoulder'.

As Eva would say, you service your car regularly - why not your body?

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Amazing value … European luxury Spa holiday in World renown Piestany Spa town, Slovakia with Eva European Tours… “You service your car…why not your body?”



Stay at: Balnea-Esplanade 4 star hotel  (newly renovated Premium Rooms)*


The hotel is located in the picturesque park close to the pedestrian part of the city, full of cafes, shops and markets.


During your stay you will enjoy 3 meals daily, then health check and individually prescribed 4 spa treatments daily, each lasting 20 minutes that are completely different experience from usual beauty salon treatments!


SEVEN NIGHTS From $1,400 Per Person Twin share
(For detailed cost and transfers for individual stays please contact Eva 02 9327 4757)

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